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Coder profile is a programmers only social network platform allowing you to build your geeky profile, within a community of like minded people interested in what you have to say. After creating your profile, we provide you with the tools to keep in touch with your followers by the thousands and update them on your latest work and thoughts as well as allowing you to keep up to date with coders you like. View Example Profile

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Showcase to the world what you have built and what you know about programming. Upload your source codes, write amazing blog posts, upload your resumé, create a list of your skills and languages, review programming books you own, take part in discussion forums, add your employment history, and more... This is your profile, it is a central place that represents you and your knowledge that you wish to share with the world.

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You have just recruited 200 followers, they love your profile but are hungry for more of what comes from your finger tips! They think you are some kind of coding guru and they are waiting to hear what you have to say, reading every line of code you write and every status update you make in the hope they will improve their own skill set. So give them what they want with regular status updates, blog posts and source codes! It's that simple. We provide the platform, you provide the knowledge!

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